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Boom Beach

> Arnold, Mari, Zbrush // Fall '14
I worked on a series of spots for an app game called Boom Beach. I textured mostly props and sets (rocks, trees, sand, weapons, etc.), and also the charring on the characters in the Flamethrower spot.

Death of Marat

> Mental Ray, Nuke // Spring ‘13
This piece is based off of Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Marat. It takes place about a week after the murder, when the body has been removed. The goal of the piece was to replicate natural lighting. Responsible for all aspects.

Food Study

> Mental Ray, Mari, Zbrush, Nuke // Spring ‘13
This was a study of Mental Ray’s subsurface shader. All the food uses the fast_skin shader. Responsible for all aspects.

My Big Brother

> Mental Ray // Spring '14
I lit a few shots for Jason Rayner's senior film, My Big Brother, which was featured in Cartoon Brew's Student Film Fest, Annecy International Film Fest, and won the Annie Award for Best Student film. (you go Jason!)

Hand Turkeys

> Mental Ray, Mari, Zbrush, Topogun, Nuke // Winter ‘14
The concept for this piece is to recreate common motifs in kids drawings realistically, with the focus being a hand turkey. Responsible for all aspects except animation, courtesy of Anna Zeng and Debbie Scheller.

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